Agustina Lavignasse
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In Spain, the number of deaths on the road has increased by 15%. However, we live in a society that’s not affected by being told that they could die behind the wheel. That’s why we raised a dilemma to show drivers that in a car crash, death is not the worst consequence.


In a car accident, who would you rather be: The one who lives or the one who dies?


By the end of the year, without any change to the law, there was a 10% fall in the number of deaths.






McCann WorldGroup | 2018

Cannes Lions | Brand experience & activation | Shortlist

El Sol | Film | Bronze

CdeC | Ideas | Bronze

CdeC | Craft — Copywriting | Bronze


CCO | Mónica Moro ECD | Raquel Martínez, Jon Lavín CD | Álvaro López, Martín Subercaseaux CW | Agustina Lavignasse Tech Director | Enrique Moreno Director | Félix Fernández de Castro